New Character Guidelines

Characters should be created using TriStat dX. A slightly glitchy but working character generator can be downloaded here. The character generator messes up when it tries to save character files with the henchman, ally, or servant attribute.

Metaman Troopers: NU Rock City will be a Superhuman setting using d10, Multi-Genre, Modern, and Increasing Stat Cost

You have 125 Character Points to build your character, but 40-50 CP must be spent on Own a Big Mecha: Metasuit. More on the Metasuit Attribute is below.

• Starting maximum Stat limit is 12.
• Starting maximum Attribute limit is 10.
• Starting maximum Skill limit is 5.
• Skills above level 2 require mention or focus in the character bio.

40 Skill Points

The Metasuit is personal battle armor built using the Own a Big Mecha Attribute. You must spend at least 40 and no more than 50 Character Points on your Metasuit. It should be Level 3 or 4 so you have points to spend on customizing your Metasuit for your character. All Metasuits have the Defect of Restriction: Limited Time, Moderate (One Hour) for a 2BP cost reduction. See page 28 in the Core Rules for more details on the OBM Attribute. See the Metasuit technology page in the wiki for a fluff description.

All characters will need a description (including picture) and bio before they’re allowed to start play. I’m going to try to run introductory solo adventures for each character as they’re brought into the story, so gaps in the initial bio are acceptable.

Thanks to Ryan and Chris for the basic TriStat dX character creation guidelines which I’ve flagrantly stolen.

New Character Guidelines

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