NU Rock City is the world’s fastest growing city, having gone from a barren rock in the middle of the ocean to a major center of commerce and technology in less than twenty years. NU Rock is the kind of place where the bank robbers use warbots, the street gangs are sponsored by multinational arms manufacturers, and the cockroaches tend to be three feet tall and radioactive. It’s more than the police can handle. Fortunately, the Metaman Troopers are standing by to fight for justice, kick some butt, and maybe earn a quick buck while they’re at it.

The wiki.

This is a campaign setting that’s been kicking around for ten years or so without much development. I recently found that most of my files are in formats my computers don’t support any more and I never bothered to save anything online. I figure I’ll try to resurrect it on OP. Any constructive feedback will be appreciated. If things go well, I might even run it through online chat or some other means.

Metaman Troopers